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2021 08-10: I updated my About page

RedGrey Creative is basically just a hub for all my creations. At this time, it’s a one-man show. And while that’s all fine and dandy, it’s not ideal. I’m realizing that I need to collaborate. As they say, “Go faster alone, go further together.” The recent revisions to my About page reflect that ideal.

2021 07-31: Another Syndication Packet Sent Out

I sent out another syndication packet. No, it’s not Perk@Work. I took a break from that comic (as stated in the commentary for “Business Course.” This new (old?) comic is very special to me. This Tuesday, I’ll hint at it in a post about “Pubbies.” Don’t know what that is? Check it out on Tuesday!

2021 05-05: Website Improvement

I’ve adopted a “move forward and adjust course” mode of operating. This is in contrast to my default “plan everything out beforehand” mode. While it’s good to plan, I tend to end up with analysis paralysis. This new way of doing things is to plan the small course corrections and continue moving forward.

With this website, my goal is to continue to work on it, day by day, and get it to a great place. I’m nowhere near there, but I believe I can get there if I keep plugging away. You may see many parts of this website that seem incomplete or half-baked. It’s a work in progress; a living thing.

2021 05-01: Coming to my senses

I finally came to my senses regarding my work. It’s not for kids. At least not Perk@Work or my other existing comics. That said, I may delve into YA or Middle-Grade novels and such. We’ll see.

Things you should know…
  • This site is best suited for folks 30 years old and up. I am an adult speaking to adults – albeit goofy at times.
  • I am an affiliate marketer which means that, if a link directs you to a website that sells stuff (e.g., Amazon), I make money if you end up buying; basically a referral fee.
  • My viewpoints skew right of center on most things. It’s not that I don’t understand a left point of view, it’s that I’m a grumpy old man.