Creations for the heart and mind.

(Revised 2021 08-08)

What is RedGrey Creative?

In short, I would love for RedGrey Creative to be the Pixar of comics.

I’m aware that this is not the case. Yet, RedGrey Creative is an endeavor in the making. The vision for RedGrey is to one day have a staff of wonderfully talented and fun people creating, producing, marketing, and distributing creative works such as graphic novels, comic strips, prose, and possibly videos and interactive games.

That said, at the present moment, there is only one person involved: me, Jason Salas.

What exactly do you mean by “Creations for the heart and mind”?

The best art, in my opinion, touches the heart and mind – meaning, it makes you feel and it makes you ponder. This is not small order, and I admit that I miss the mark more often than I hit it. But, like I said, it’s an endeavor.

The “art” I speak of, in my case, is humorous comics and writings. These, more often than not, take the shape of comics; comic strips make up the majority of my work. To be technical, it is sequential art. Yet, I have tons of writings which I still have to post. As I expand beyond myself (i.e., bring on staff), I can not only post all those writings, but collaborate and create new, wonderful productions.

There are all sorts of different comics on your site. Why?

Just like Pixar has different movies with worlds unto their own, so is the case with my work. I go about it differently.

One of my dreams has been to be a syndicated comic strip artist with my comics in daily newspapers across the United States. I develop an idea and create a syndication packet, usually consisting of four to six weeks of dailies (Monday – Saturday) and two full color Sunday strips. Each of these ideas is an “imprint” (in the publishing sense) which can be unique or somehow connected to another imprint.

Most of the work posted on this website is connected – it shares the same DNA, if you will. The Daily Times is a spinoff of Perk@Work which is derivative of Pubbies. Bark & Grill is like an alternate universe version of Pubbies. And, if that is not confusing enough, Two Dogs in a Pub is an updated version of Pubbies.

Yes, I realize everything seems to point back to Pubbies. However, comics such as In the Way (a religious comic) are not on this site and have no connection to Pubbies. I haven’t posted those comics on this site since doing so may be even more confusing.

Who are you?

I am Jason Salas. Here’s a picture of me which I use for profile pics:

You’re not going to find me on Facebook nor Twitter nor Instagram. You might find me on LinkedIn and/or YouTube if you dig hard enough. I also have a Patreon page which I’ve torn down and have yet to rebuild.

Ideally, much of the content on this site will, one day, be created by a staff and I will be so far behind the scenes that any inquiries about me will be sparse. Of course, I’m the one typing this out so it can be said that I’m the only one inquiring, but I have had questions in the past about who is behind the work. I’m just saying that I would like to be more of a visionary with RedGrey than a production artist/writer.

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