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You may think this comic is outlandish, yet Perk’s approach is not the worst in the world. In fact, there’s an argument that this could be an excellent approach because it’s earnest in nature.

You may have heard all sorts of advice about pick-up lines. Would you agree that pick up lines, in and of themselves, are cheesy and dumb? There is no magic line to pick up a girl…


When I was a kid, there were times when I was sentenced to a timeout. I preferred a spanking because, while it was painful, it was short-lived. Timeouts drove me crazy because it was a waste of time. In any case, my mom would usually give me five minutes to “sit and think about whatContinue reading “FUTURE HEADACHE”


One of my favorite books is “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. And while it is more about virtual reality than augmented reality, it’s a good place to start and to end. We live in the physical world, of course. Yet, we’re slowly making the digital world our habitat. As this progresses, there is aContinue reading “AUGMENTED”


What do your dreams say about you? Is it possible that our dreams are an extension of our consciousness? Of course, no one can truly define consciousness let alone where it comes from. Think about it: our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. All these cells bind together to form organs and tissueContinue reading “VAMPIRE”


I can’t remember who it was, but someone pointed out to me that motivational speakers point to success stories and preach the “fail you way to success” sermon. Does it work? Yes and no. It worked for the people who had success, not for the people who haven’t or have yet to find success. OnContinue reading “REJECTION”


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