Bark & Grill: Twin

It is astonishing how divided we are as a country in regards to politics. This is an interesting graphic from the Pew Research Center: Personally, I don’t think we’re seeing a divide in beliefs (à la stoic vs. epicurean) as much as an increasingly spoiled population. And, while not expressed as such directly, I believeContinue reading “Bark & Grill: Twin”

Bark & Grill: Moral Compass

To be fair, each person has their own moral compass. What is acceptable for one person is unacceptable for another. Then, on another issue, it’s reversed. I get that. Yet, there are broad landscapes of overlapping moralities among like-minded people. As I mentioned in an earlier post, understanding the moral foundations help us understand eachContinue reading “Bark & Grill: Moral Compass”

Bark & Grill: Gypsy

Culture is misunderstood these days. It’s a paradox, really. Many people want to appreciate the diversity of culture yet want to make everybody into one generic type of person. Confused? Allow me to explain. Not all cultures are alike. If they were, there wouldn’t be cultures (plural), but one culture, and the term would loseContinue reading “Bark & Grill: Gypsy”