Sent “The Daily Times” packet

Yesterday, I sent out four packets of The Daily Times to four different syndication companies. This packet feels solid. I’ve attempted to syndicate twice before – once with Perk at Work and most recently with Bark & Grill. I’m optimistic about this project. Why? because it deals with the issue of small, independently-owned print newspapers.Continue reading “Sent “The Daily Times” packet”

View the Bark & Grill Syndication Packet

You may have noticed the recent addition of Bark & Grill to this website. What exactly is it? In short, it’s a comic developed for syndication. There’s more info on the page. Click on the Bark & Grill page. I have not created any new comics for this property. I may or may not. DependsContinue reading “View the Bark & Grill Syndication Packet”