Perk@Work: Climate

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Perk@Work: Turtle

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Perk@Work: Creature Feature

You may think this comic is outlandish, yet Perk’s approach is not the worst in the world. In fact, there’s an argument that this could be an excellent approach because it’s earnest in nature.

You may have heard all sorts of advice about pick-up lines. Would you agree that pick up lines, in and of themselves, are cheesy and dumb? There is no magic line to pick up a girl…

The Daily Times: Weight Loss

Do you battle with your weight? I do. “Eat better and exercise more,” actually works, if both of those factors are defined in concrete terms. In my experience, the “eat better” part plays the biggest role. That said, for me, it’s easier to run five miles than it is to not eat sugar.

The Daily Times: No Talking

The saying, “Silence is golden” is but half of the phrase. The complete proverb is, “Speech is silver, silence is golden.” Now, that is beautiful. And it eliminates the wise guy who will say something like, “Silence is golden, but the right word is platinum!” I think I’ve said too much.


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